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Experience the easiest and fastest way to set up your insect collecting frame! This portable setup collapses into just five pieces and two screws for quick assembly. For added stability, fillable water bags provide weight and support in the field.

When fully expanded, the frame reaches over 6.5 feet (203 cm) in both height and width, with adjustable size options to suit your preferences. The included white fabric attaches easily with Velcro when the frame is expanded.

Despite its impressive size, the entire setup weighs less than 2 pounds (excluding water). The aluminum poles are telescopic, ensuring compact storage and transport. For windy conditions, we recommend using additional tie-downs.

Perfect for travel, this lightweight and space-efficient setup takes less than 5 minutes to assemble, making it ideal for those moments when you need to get set up quickly before sunset!

Portable Collapsable Collecting Setup

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