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Affordable Excellence in Entomological Supplies


At Instar Innovations, our mission is to empower and inspire insect collectors of all levels, from museums to hobbyists, by offering a wide range of high-quality entomological supplies at the lowest possible prices. We believe that every enthusiast, regardless of their experience, deserves access to the tools and resources they need to fully enjoy and contribute to the captivating world of entomology.

 We recognize that the world of entomology thrives on collaboration and shared passion. We actively engage with our customers, fostering a supportive and inclusive community where knowledge is exchanged and experiences are celebrated.

 We are dedicated to constant innovation and improvement, seeking opportunities to enhance our product range and streamline our processes. Our goal is to ensure that our offerings remain relevant, accessible, and of the highest value to our customers.

mercury vapor insect light trap
Giving Back
collection of butterflies in display cases

Our commitment to affordability goes hand in hand with sustainability. We seek eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future for both entomology enthusiasts and the planet.

At Instar Innovations, we understand the significance of entomology as a source of wonder, education, and scientific exploration. Our mission is to ensure that every collector, whether they represent a prestigious museum or are simply passionate hobbyists, can afford to pursue their entomological interests with enthusiasm and confidence. By prioritizing affordability and quality, we enable the entomology community to thrive, grow, and make lasting contributions to the world of natural sciences.

Thank you and happy collecting!

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