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Entomological pins are essential tools used for mounting and preserving insect specimens. They come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different insect types and sizes. Here are the common types of entomological pins and the insects they are best suited for:


Standard Pins (Size 1-3): These are the most commonly used pins suitable for a wide range of insects, from small to medium-sized specimens. They work well for beetles, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and other insects with moderate body sizes.


2.  Pins (Size 4-5):  pins are ideal for larger insects and specimens that require extra strength to properly secure them. They are often used for large beetles, certain species of butterflies and moths, and larger dragonflies.


Micro Pins (Size 000-0): Micro pins are very thin and delicate, making them suitable for mounting small insects with fragile bodies. They are commonly used for minute beetles, tiny flies, small ants, and other minuscule specimens.


Stainless steel pins are rust-resistant and are often used for long-term preservation, especially for valuable specimens that require durability.



Black Stainless Steel Nylon Head Entomological Pins

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